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Community Engagement

The community engagement programs focus on early childhood literacy and health exhibits, along with educational programs for parents, caregivers, teachers and children. It also provides older adults and families with access to other community resources, serving as an anchor for community engagement activities in targeted areas.


Personal and Family Development

Through the assistance and strong partnerships the CCEDU provide a variety of social services to economically disadvantaged individuals and families interested in achieving self-sufficiency. Targeted families are provided with a family support system designed to identify, reduce and or remove social barriers and promote economic independence and self-sufficiency.


Recidivism Assistance

The Recidivism Assistance is a program for youth and young adults who have been involved in/or with the criminal justice system. The program provides young people opportunities and support that can lead them to success and allow them to participate and connect to educational, employment, and mentoring opportunities.



The Mentoring programs connect the next generation to committed and caring adults for structured, ongoing relationships that support high school and college success as well as soft and hard skill development.



The community education supports programs for children and youth, particularly early education initiatives that serve low-and moderate-income children (birth through age five), their teachers and families. Priority is given to programs that focus in the areas of math, science, the arts or financial education.


Career Exploration and Employment Choices

The Career Exploration and Employment Choices program is provided to low income individuals as they seek and retain employment in the public and private sector. This process includes job coaching, employability skills training, and job referrals.


Personal Finance

The CCEDU seeks to empower the next generation with tools and support to learn better money habits and become financially capable resulting in greater chances of success in school and career. The program also provides ongoing financial education and coaching to empower adults to make healthy financial choices that will lead them to economic success.


Arts, Culture and Historic Preservation

The CCEDU believes that arts and culture are an integral part of life and, when embedded in cross-sector revitalization activity, can contribute to positive and enduring economic, social and cultural change in communities. CCEDU projects seek to engage partners and residents in low-income neighborhoods to integrate arts and culture in their revitalization work.


Health and Wellness

CCED seeks to eradicate hunger, poverty and economic insecurity in America’s low-income families. This program initiative seeks to play a central role in efforts to restore economic and food security, helping to strengthen the child and health care system for all families.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

CCEDU recognizes that there is a need even more heightened when it comes to low-income and minority students pursuing careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. Therefore this program seeks to connect minority students to the national HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) and MSIs (Minority Serving Institutions) STEM initiatives.



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