The Corporation for Community and Economic Development United, Inc.

"Renewed Hope for Future Generations"

About US

 The Corporation for Community and Economic Development United, Inc. (the Corporation) was founded in 1996 to provide community economic development and empowerment, foster leadership, champion diversity, invest in education, create economic opportunities, and rebuild sustainable and healthy communities. The Corporation was formerly known as the Center for Community and Economic Development, Inc. was recognized as a non-profit 501 C 3 by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in 2005. The National Corporation uses innovative strategies to mobilize low-income people and the broader communities to build assets that prevent poverty, create equality, and strengthen our social fabric. The Corporation embraces a community where individuals and families can prosper, with access to quality education, sustainable businesses, affordable housing, healthcare, gainful employment, and live in safe and violent-free environments.


Building Infrastructure


According to the Corporation’s 2014 strategic plan, the organization will focus on four major initiatives over the next three years; each of which is designed to support the organization’s mission. The four major initiatives are to:

 1.) Create long-term sustainability and growth,

 2.) Increase income,

 3.) Secure an accommodating location for the Corporation’s Annual Gala major fundraiser, and

 4.) Build credibility amongst internal and external stakeholders.


Supporting these initiatives are several strategies, which include:

  • Increase board capacity (sustainability & growth)
  • Increase staff capacity (sustainability & growth)
  • Introduce fundraising committee and build on success of previous year (income
  • Determine location needs, options (locations)
  • Increase respectability amongst other community development agencies (credibility) 
  • Positively influence economic development opportunities (credibility)